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Follow up to last week

My second game of Impulse and I’m beginning to sour.

One player, as his start world, builds “Move [1] Transport” and then explores “Sabotage a fleet with [3] bombs” as his next world. Then he sits on the center with a cruiser and sabotages anyone near him. Yes, I should have seen the “move back home with 2 transports, then resabotage my 2 cruiser fleet” but that basically ended the game.

Impulse feels like all opening and endgame. A build up, then one player unleashes a monster turn and wins (which isn’t so bad) or almost wins, as everyone tries to find a stop next turn (which is agonizing).

Basically, we’re playing Fool’s Mates and Scholars Mates, but I’m not getting the feeling I want to play the game enough to get good.

On the other hand, I am starting to like Sail to India, and I may trade for/pick up a copy.

Also played — Hansa (fine) and Piña Pirates (ugh).


Written by taogaming

July 28, 2014 at 8:43 pm

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