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Just my luck

Holding S: QT8xx H:K9xx D:AQ6 C:x partner opens 1NT (weak 12-14). RHO bids 2C (stayman). I decided to double, planning on bidding 2S over 2D. I had just mentioned this auction (instead of transferring) so I think partner will take it. And if he bids hearts, I can invite. (If he bids spades, obviously, that’s game). He bids diamonds, I bid spades. LHO is in there with 3C and partner bids 3S. This could be forward going, but 3 of either red suit would have been more forward going. I pass. 3S it is.

I get the DJ lead and see

Dummy S: AKx H:Axx D:xxxx C:Kxx

DJ led

Me   S: QT8xx H:K9xx D:AQ6 C:x

I win the diamond king (RHO playing the 9) . I play a small spade to the King, LHO playing the 9. Is LHO false carding me from J9xx? It’s an obligatory false card in this situation, but a) he’d look silly if partner had the stiff T and b) This is BBO. He isn’t that good. I play the SA and both follow (LHO with the Jack).  I pull the final trump and LHO discards the 2 of clubs.

I suppose it’s possible that LHO led the diamond J because he had the Club ace, but I see no reason to try that yet. I lead a small diamond from my hand. Who knows, diamonds may be 3-3. LHO plays the T and RHO wins the DK. RHO leads the H2, small, jack, duck. Now comes the CJ. I do not seriously believe he’s underled the CA, but I see it.

I see the double squeeze. I duck the club, ruff the next club cash the DA (RHO showing out) and lead my last trump.

Dummy: S:– H:Ax D:x C:K

LHO: Big Diamond + Hearts:???         RHO: Club Ace + Hearts:???

Me: Last trump, H:Kxx

I lead the last trump and it doesnt’ matter who has the long hearts. LHO has to keep the big diamond. So he’s down to (at most) two hearts. Dummy tosses a diamond and now RHO has to keep the club ace, so he’s down to two hearts.

So a heart to dummy’s ace, a heart to my king, and my small heart wins, no matter what. And I can nod sagely about passing 3 Spades, because it took a double squeeze to make 4.

Of course, hearts were 3-3 the whole time, so every shmuck made four and partner is wondering why I didn’t accept his invite. Worse yet, I’ve missed the diamond spots. It turns out the with RHO having K9 tight and LHO having squandered his T at the second diamond trick, dummy’s EIGHT was high the whole time.

Too much knowledge, too little technique.

For better graphics, See the full hand with the BBO card viewer.


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June 19, 2014 at 9:16 pm

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