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Ticket to Ride — Team Asia

Played Team Asia today. It’s clever. You and your teammate each get 27 trains, and whenever you draw cards one goes to you and one goes to the community pool. Also, whenever you get tickets one goes to the community pool and you keep the rest if any. So each partner knows about 2/3rds of the tickets you are trying to get, and you can signal (via colors) what you want your partner to do, but (according to the rules) there’s no table talk.

(Of course, the easy way to win is still draw tickets that work together. I got Delhi to (long route to the NE) and Delhi to a Bangalore and I kept one other minor ticket. I put the long route to indicate those were the two major endpoints. And my partner revealed another long E-W route on the northern edge, so both of our ~17 point tickets used 80% of the same track).

I wouldn’t buy it, but I have plenty of TTR. Still, I enjoyed this a lot more than TTR Africa.

Rating — Indifferent+

The highlight of the day — an 8 year old pixie laughing with glee as she slaughtered the assembled adults in King of Tokyo. And that makes 25 plays for KoT. (Also made 75 FTF games of To Court the King)


Written by taogaming

June 14, 2014 at 9:50 pm

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