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Lewis & Clark — Real and Spectacular?

(OK, I’ve had my fun).

My initial play of Lewis & Clark shows me a lot to like:

  1. The idea that you play (usually) 2 cards a turn, one card for ability and one for number, means that even with the relatively small opening hand you have lots of ways to go.
  2. You collect resources based on the other cards people have played, which provides some interaction (presumably once you know the game better). Also, the fact that too many resources can be problematic is nice.
  3. The card drafting means the game grows in interesting ways. You can win by resource hogging, or you can try for efficiency. And different cards come up each game. Since this isn’t really a pure deckbuilder, the fact that cards are all unique (ish) and purchased as available isn’t a huge deal.
  4. Unlike many worker placement games, getting extra workers isn’t difficult, and they have a reasonable cost (sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly).

So, theoretically, very good.

The problem was that the last, I don’t know, 20-30 minutes of the game had everyone looking through their hand to try and figure out the endgame. It reminded me of Hare and Tortoise. They way it reminded me of that is that, at the end, I look for a play to get out in X turns, and then once I find it I simply wait for other people to play and see if they mess up my calculation in any way. Others do this too.

Now, in fact, I lost L&C, but I’d laid out my final 5 turns and just tweaked them if opportunity arose. This is anti-climactic.

But I’m willing to try again and see how it goes.

Rating — Suggest (for now).


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June 2, 2014 at 8:33 pm

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