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Unconditionally Surrendering A Love Letter to The Hanseatic Cities

Played Training Scenario 1 of Unconditional Surrender against a person. It took maybe 30 minutes (he’d read the rules online), and 10 of that was setup.  30-40 minutes per turn (Training Scenario 1 is really half a turn) seems reasonable, at least for smaller scale stuff, so we’re going to try and play France 1940 or the Balkans in a week or two.

Played another game of Rasta Electronica (the name of my next band). I asked to reduce the VP value of the tokens to zero, and it was a good change, I think. People still fight over them, but the “Take two cities, grab a token, put the next one between your two cities” gambit looses tome value (because people are content to just block it, instead of blocking and grabbing). And the tokens kind of peter off mid game as people concentrate on points. This game will likely make the 50 by 50 list, but probably in a few years.

Also played Love Letter and the City.

And over the weekend got in another game of Mage Knight. I was rusty and made bad choices, so the TaoLing scored ~50 points more than me (although he gave up half of that in wounds). Good thing it was a co-op.


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April 28, 2014 at 10:25 pm

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