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So, I get an order from GMT games saying my game has shipped.


I have a head full of pollen; but no recollection of what I ordered. But best to see. It arrived today. Ah, it’s Churchill, the 3player card driven WWII game. Cool!

I flip the box over and what do I see? A monstrous hex map staring at me! This isn’t Churchill, it’s Unconditional Surrender. That’s right, I ordered both. But I thought I’d cancelled this one (after getting more details). Ah well, this can be the game I always want to play and never play. Actually, I might very well be able to. It looks like you can use the training scenarios to work up from a small few unit fight up. This may be my summer project. And the TaoLing may be able to handle it at some point.

Right now the game I always want to play isn’t many, and the games I never play are legion. I’ve played 12 games in the last 30 days , and that includes bridge session. This is about 1/4 (or less) of what I’d normally play, and yet I’m not raring to play random games (although I do have a session of Fed Com for Monday).

I haven’t even played Mage Knight in two months. I should, but I need table space.

Ah well, there’s news from the Gathering. You should read it. But not here.

In non-gaming news:

  • Adventure Time is Smowzow.
  • My new job (the reason for not going to N.F.) is nice. Jacqui works in the same building, so we carpool. It’s adorable.
  • I’m working through the Shield and the Sopranos. I’ve petered out on Supernatural (but I made it to season 6 or 7). I may pick it back up.
  • I need to go see Winter Soldier. Maybe Sunday.
  • My guitar playing is ok, but David Bowie uses obscure chords way too often for me to be able to play my favorites.
  • Welcome to Nightvale. I’ve succumbed. I thought they couldn’t pull it off past the first episode, but they have. (At least, I’m up to the mid 20s).
  • My allergist (a gamer) says I’m allergic to nothing, but there’s so much gunk in the air I’m still sneezing, sore throat, etc.
  • (Update) Based on a recent comic by XKCD I downloaded the Kerbal Space Program simulator. It’s fun and the potential for a real time sink.

I’m going to bed.


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April 18, 2014 at 8:27 pm

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