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We’ve already played this one

Sometimes at a bridge game you put your hand back into the board, then the board doesn’t get moved (or someone switches the top for the bottom and someone switches it back) and you pull out the same hand and play it again. Better players will tend to recognize the same hand, but sometimes not.

I held S:QJ5 H:J64 D:AKJ82 C:A2 and ended up defending 2H. Meh. That was board 2.

We played board 3, then on board four I picked up and glanced at my hand:

S:QJx H:(J)76 D:AKJ92 C:Ax

“We’ve played this one.” I said, before fully sorting my hand.

The other rhree players looked at my like I was insane, then I realized that my Heart Jack was actually the Club Jack.

A few spots had changed (the D8 had become the D9. The club deuce was now the five, but all my honors were the same (except the heart jack had moved to clubs), my shape was practically the same.  Certainly the most similar hands I’ve had in the same round


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April 13, 2014 at 9:43 pm

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