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South Park — The Stick of Truth

Damn funny, if a bit short (I got it Friday after work and finished it today after maybe 15 hours or so). I did have to go to the internet for the minigames, some of those are opaque. (In particular, the “Sneaky Squeeker” is much easier than the controls hint shows. And probably the cup game, too, although I gutted that one out and eventually stumbled onto it).

As you can expect from Parker/Stone, it’s a pretty gross game. One of the best jokes was when the SWAT team busts into a scene and then one one of them looks at his doohickey and goes “Woohoo, the ESRB ratings are off the chart bad!” And that’s true. I let the TaoLing watch for a while (because he’s old enough the foul language isn’t such a big deal) but during the first night it started getting a bit awkward and by the second night he was banished.

I could play again as a different class (I played Mage, the other choices are Fighter, Thief and Jew) but I suspect there’s not much replayability. I still have some quests to complete and I may finish them. I saw a lot of South Park characters I knew, and a few more I’d never seen before. I think most (if not all) characters show up at one point.

So between that, the new Rocksmith game, and my new job I haven’t been playing any new board games.


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March 9, 2014 at 4:41 pm

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