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Sentinels of the Multiverse — Vengeance

To break out of my gaming funk, more Sentinels.

For plain-old superhero goodness, this has five new heroes and 2 new environments. It also introduces a new villain option, which I haven’t tried (mini villains, each with their own deck, one villain per hero). For simplicity, we just played with new heroes and environment, but an old villain.

The Naturalist has a few forms (croc, rhino, gazelle), but can only have one form at a time. Each form has a different power, and many of his cards give a bonus if he’s in the right form. Also, his base power is “Fetch a form and play it” which solves the annoying “Ex-Patriette” problem of not getting the base cards you need.

Setback’s power is to get an unlucky token to draw (and maybe play) a card. Many of his own cards hurt him (or redirect damage to him) to gain unlucky tokens, and his other cards spend them to do some rather nice things. Interesting, not sure I’ve got a handle on him.

K.N.Y.F.E (played by the TaoLing) has a lot of melee attacks, and seems to have a thing of “Attack, and if you almost defeated it, you defeat it.” Useful against villains with lots of minions.

The Sentinels are a four mini-hero team (each with 10-15 HP) each with their own power. So you get to pick one power a turn. Seemed more like a support character, a pretty good one. Very vulnerable to “Each hero target” of course.

I didn’t play with the fifth hero (Parse?). I did also like the new environment (The Freedom tower) which gives a bunch of mild hero boosts (via rooms) but then has entry points that cancel a room and give the villains a bonus. Quite nice thematically, maybe a bit tilted towards the heroes.

Oh, and Citizen Dawn kicked our asses. We almost won, despite having almost way to deal with ongoings. (3 villain cards a turn, plus two resurrections means the zombie horde grows quickly).

Rating — Whatever you normally rate Sentinels as. For me, still enthusiastic.

Written by taogaming

February 14, 2014 at 11:08 pm

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