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New Promo Gloomweaver (& Spite)

So, I ordered the new Sentinels Promos (along with the errata cards) as a stocking stuffer. They arrived yesterday and we tried out the new Gloomweaver. Anyway, his schtick is that he plays extra cards when non-villain targets are destroyed.  Oh, and when he flips (at zero HP) he restores himself to 100 HP and starts nuking everything for massive damage (including himself and his own army). And he then heals whenever anything dies.

The lineup — The Wraith, Omnitron-X, Expatriette, and Legacy (all basic versions) in Megalopolis.

We (as usual) got off to a rough start. Expatriette found herself with an embarrassing lack of guns for two turns, the wraith quickly started ordnancing the usual array of cultists and zombies. Omnitron X played out Innervation ray (to heal the heroes) and his “2 irreducible damage per turn” ray, to quickly start plinging enemies and slowing down the heroes decline while slapping out an impressive array of components. Legacy was doing his typical buffing.

After 3 turns, everyone had their setup, but Gloomweaver recovered the dead zombies and cultists back out of his trash, and we had a large problem. Omnitron-X used a singularity (destroying all his equipment to do 5 points of damage to Gloomweaver and his army) which took X out of the battle for a few turns but gave us plenty of breathing room.  By this point Wraith had gotten out an Infrared eyepiece (to adjust the villain deck in our favor) and could use two powers a turn, so she still kept slapping around Gloomweaver or his minions and making sure the really nasty ones went to the bottom of the deck. Expatreitte had managed to get out Pride, Prejudice and Quick Load (with hollow points) so she was doing 8 points of damage each turn, making up for lost time.  Legacy put out Lead from the front (so he could absorb damage. Useful as GW targets the weak) and declared himself immune to melee. This turned out even better when we suddenly found ourselves in close quarters (all damage is melee) so we had a ‘free’ turn where legacy used his invulnerability to halt our decline. We pounded Gloomweaver over to his ‘rotting god’ side, and he’s suddenly at 100 HP, and damaging everyone four points a turn.  By this point Wraith was down to 5 HP and Omnitron was at 11, with the other two heroes around 15.

But Legacy just declared himself immune to infernal damage (GW’s new type) and the beatdown didn’t take long. There weren’t many targets in the Megalopolis deck (to allow GW to heal, or get extra cards early on) and we had a near lock barring some horrific bad card luck, which didn’t happen. (Another close quarters would have switch GloomWeaver back to melee and killed the wraith, among all the other damage).

A bit of a cakewalk, since it ended in a situation where we were all practically invulnerable from the villain, and mainly had to worry about random damage from the environment at the end. But, always fun to get more Sentinels stuff. Still enthusiastic about this game.

Update — Unsurprisingly, the new Spite is horrific. We managed to get a bunch of victims in the safe house, but when he flips he gets +X damage (X equals “number of victims in the safe house”). Apparently for new spite you don’t want to flip him, really.

Written by taogaming

December 21, 2013 at 11:11 am

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