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New Game Roundup

OK, I made it to gaming (I had the day off).

Blood Bound — A cute hidden team game where your basic action is to attack someone, which wounds them. As people take wounds the tend to reveal themselves (which side and which character # they are). Each player can also intervene (take a wound for someone else), which reveals their number (so it’s a once/game thing per player). When someone dies, it’s game over and you win if you killed the leader of the other team (determined by number). If not, the other team wins. This is like a much simpler, much faster Kutschfahrt. Which makes it better, IMO. Also, this plays 6-12, which is usually a tough number, and the 6 and 8 player games are fast … maybe 20 minutes. This got played three times in quick succession. The only downside it that the theme and art is incredibly dorky. Even by gaming standards. (This looks like a Flying Frog game, despite being done by FFG).

One excellent touch — the player aid card is used to cover your card, but reveals your clan id (werewolf/vampire). So you get your card, show your neighbor your clan id while hiding the details (of course, a few cards lie about clan) and then flip your card down and use the aid to see the distribution of symbols.

Suggest if you like the werewolf, resistance type games.

Bang Dice — Bang. But with Dice. More random. Faster.

Also played — Race, Rallyman, FFF, Pax Porfiriana. All still good.


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November 11, 2013 at 11:10 pm

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