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Worst Start Ever

Playing a cooperative game of Mage Knight, my opening move was to go to a magical glade and kill some easy orcs (the expansion ones that have two single point attacks). Not enough to get me a level, but it was just a waystation to the ruins. Double orcs for four crystals (and likely enough fame to get to level 3). With the perfect draw (A gold mana from the glade, concentration and swiftness) I figured I could range attack one of the two orcs, and then maybe eat a wound or two and kill the other the following turn. Disaster ensued as I drew both Ironclads (which have physical resistance, so I’d need a range 6, not a range 5) and with a brutal attack. I lost most of my hand, so that I only took four wounds, and had to crawl back to the glade to heal. I ended the day still at level one with no followers and only a single crystal.

Hardly a good start on a game versus Volkare at Legendary Strength. Amazingly, we won, thanks to the TaoLing having a good run, and to a few lucky artifacts (the Shield of whatever and the Sword of Justice) that I earned in the next two rounds. (Coupled with camping on a dungeon for a few spare turns to race up to fame).

First time I’ve beaten Volkare at Legendary strength. Amazing after such an inauspicious start. It came down to a very tight ending, helped out by the fact that, as Athyra, I had 4 automatic points of attack each turn and could spend 1 wound a turn as 2 points, so once we’d taken out the larger units, I could just take the 3-4 wounds and then kill a unit  with a wound I’d gotten (and any others that I had cards for).

I did suffer a 52 point penalty for wounds at the end, though.


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October 6, 2013 at 9:26 pm

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