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A Good Start

I doubt I’ll ever have a Mage Knight start as good.

  1. Run over to a magic glade, nuke an orc (eating four wounds), and grab Mana Storm.  Discard a wound
  2. Use the gold token to tranquility 2 wounds (lucky draw). Discard a wound
  3. Use Mana Storm to reroll the source, hoping for 3 different colors (likely, with gold & black wild). Get it, so wander over to the nearby “Spend 4 different mana to gain 10 fame” and score it (3 from source, plus the gold you got from the magical glade). End Turn 3 with 14 fame.

That game ended using the sword of justice to double physical attacks (and cancel resistance) and the Soulreaper (?) attack 8 and gain a crystal for each defeated enemy.  A literal killer combo.

I’ve also now twice beaten Volkare’s return on the medium difficult and speed setting twice, after several not -even-close failed attempts. It takes a fair bit of luck, at least at my skill.


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August 18, 2013 at 10:00 pm

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