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Surprisingly, TaoLing groks Mage Knight

Surprisingly because when we played the introductory game, he seemed completely befuddled by the idea of movement point costs. So when he asked to play again I balked, but he persisted and he seems to have grasped the core rules. (He’s still unclear on many of the subtle points, but a quick perusal of the MK rules board will reveal that he’s far from alone. I think I’m finally good on the core rules, albeit not PvP or Co-operative assaults).

Of course, it’s still a difficult puzzle and he typically just does the coolest current turn he can. That’s not a horrible first strategy, but sometimes leads you astray. He backtracked a few times. In any case, we barely won — I had to walk into both cities and eat the first brutal assaults, but he sniped an annoying Dragon out of my way first and made some nice attacks.

Anyway, coop with a 10 year old is an unexpected bonus. He’s itching to play a competitive game, but I think I’ll hold off on that until he gets a few more times under his belt.

Still, defeating the two cities was a welcome change from having Kismet kick our asses in the Ruins of Atlantis.  Also, two player King of Tokyo isn’t worth it (not too surprising).


Written by taogaming

May 19, 2013 at 9:45 pm

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