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Eight(teen) Minute Empire

I played Eight Minute Empire twice.

It’s a simple area majority. On each turn, you buy a card from the draft (prices range 0-3). You only start with a bit more money than turns, so it’s tight. Cards do two things:

  • Dictate your action for the turn (add units, move units, etc).
  • Provides set collection VPs.

After a set number of turns, you total up VPs for your sets plus one for each region you have the most units in plus another one for each continent you have the most regions in. Done!


  • Eighteen minutes is fast. Eight would be faster, of course.
  • There is an advantage to going last. Significant enough to bother me even for a game this short.
  • Unlike most fillers, this is an area majority game, so it’s novel.

It’s worth trying, but I’m indifferent.


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May 7, 2013 at 9:59 pm

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