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A recent hand

Playing recently against a Mentor-Novice pair, I push a bit.

Nobody vul, Holding

S:xxx H:x D:Kxx C:AJ7xxx I overcall RHO (Mentor’s) 1D with 2C.

I hope partner can take a joke. She cue bids. RHO doubles. I should probably pass and await developments, but I bid 3C hoping that sounds like a sign off. Partner makes a western cue (3D, asking if I have a diamond stopper for no trump) and I bid 3N. I have a stopper and 4C may not be a picnic anyway.

LHO (Mentee) wastes no time in leading … the heart ten.

Dummy gives me hope:

AQxx KJx Jxx KQx

xxx x Kxx AJxxxx

Thankfully, partner has the goods. I cover the HT with the Jack, and RHO (visibly annoyed) wins the queen and leads … a small diamond! What?
I float this to the jack. I may as well wrap this up, so I lead a small diamond, RHO hitches then ducks, I win the DK (LHO has played the T, then 6). I can claim nine, but who knows …. others may get there and I have a play for an overtrick,  so I run my clubs.

RHO has one, and pitches the S3 then S2, then the H3, then a diamond x on my fifth club. LHO has pitched two hearts.

So I have remaining


S:xx D:x C:x

I don’t think RHO (who can play well, but annoyed after the terrible opening lead) has done anything tricky. He started with Kxxx AQx AQxxx x.

I play a club, pitching my low heart (RHO pitches the DQ) and lead a diamond. He wins the DA, the HA and then has to lead into my AQ of spades from his Kx.

I felt that I was just showing off with my strip and endplay, but it turns out that making 3 would have only tied for top.


West  North East  South  Board 1        Pard      3NT South  1w  HT  J  Q  2  01
            1D    2C^1   None Vul     S AQ64                 2e  D4  2  T  J  11
P     2D^2  X     3C                  H KJ3                  3n  D3  8  K  6  21
P     3D^3  P     3NT                 D J73                  4s  C2  8  K  5  31
AP                         Mentee     C KQ6          Mentor  5n  CQ S3  3  9  41
                         S J8                      S KT32    6n  C6 S2  A  T  51
                         H T98764                  H AQ5     7s  CJ H4 D7 H5  61
                         D T6                      D AQ984   8s  C7 H6 S4 D9  71
                         C T98          Me         C 5       9s  C4 H7 S6 DQ  81
                                      S 975                  10s D5 H8 H3  A  82
1 Frisky                              H 2                    11e HA S5  9  K  83
2 Strong Club Raise                   D K52          Made 4  12e ST  7  8  Q  93
3 Western Q (asks for Diamond Stopper)C AJ7432         +430  13n SA  K  9  J 103

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February 1, 2013 at 10:00 pm

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