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More Rise of the Ancients

I got in a six player game of RotA today, so we finally tried the Alliances rule.

Alliances may be an unbalancing mechanism, my alliance with my son got 40 VP, whereas most of the other (non-allied) players got 25 VP. However, I think that the real culprit was his race (the Rho Idrian), which aren’t necessarily strong, but like the Orions they can snowball quite well with a good start.

(The Rho Idrian start with two interceptors, but a zero VP system, and their ships are more expensive. They also get money for winning battles). The TaoLing won his first battle, got a free cruiser and bought a very early AntiMatter Cannon (his preferred strategy). Then he got an Anti-Matter Splitter (a rare technology). At this point I was happy to Ally because his ships were a huge threat, but (having played him two players) I knew that his economy could teeter into insolvency quickly.  So, I kept advising him and our task force took the Galactic Center, which stabilized his economy and at that point he was a match for any two players.

Anyway, our six player game (with one new player, and two players on their second game) took about 4 hours, which is a touch long but we were playing with the full expansion (except simultaneous play).

And despite it being my ~20th game (and ~5th with the expansion) I still saw several new winkles, including a battle of 3 v 3 ships that ended in detente (thanks to the cloaking device) as both parties called a cease fire during the action phase to deal with neighbors who had invaded (thinking that their fleets were pinned).


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