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Rise of the Ancients

Unshocking — I like the Eclipse expansion.

For the most part, Rise of the Ancients is a “varietal” expansion. New alien races, a few new hexes, discoveries, technologies, etc. These don’t threaten to overload the game. Allowing 7-9 players may very well overload it (my games so far haven’t dealt with that), but there are at least a few clever adjustments to try and balance it.

  1. Two players take their turn at the same time
  2. The diplomacy rules are extended to include alliances, which means the game can collapse from a 9 player furball into a number of factions.

Even throwing out the insets, the main (huge) Eclipse box is now full and weighs as much as a healthy newborn. I think it will last a good long while even without more expansions (which I’m not necessarily against).


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December 26, 2012 at 9:41 am

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