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The wonderful world of … well, wherever Dominion is.

Just got the new Dominion Expansion (Dark Ages, but it would be better as Draco Noir Ages, so henceforth it is that). Anyway, having only played two games with the ‘recommended’ setup.l

  • I like the new starting cards, but I dislike the random shuffled piles (ruins & knights). In general, the random purchases are one of my pet peeves in deck builders. However, these aren’t too bad (they are all roughly similar, if not identical, which is far better than shuffle up and deal).
  • I’m (of course) sad these won’t be on isotropic … but paying $10 (plus) for each expansion on the maybe forthcoming iOS strikes me as nuts. I suspect going forward the way to handle this will be a discount (or even just free coupon) included in each copy of the game (probably a one-time code, like videogames).
  • Is that what that bonus card in there was? Honestly, I have no idea and I’m too lazy to look it up on the forums.
  • Trashing is fine, although a weird little theme.
  • I imagine Band of  Misfits will inevitably have a number of rules questions that Throne Room would envy.

And because man does not live by games alone:

I’m finally caught up on Breaking Bad (and I’ll be watching the half season ending episode in a bit). Good stuff.

I’m enjoying Black Dynamite, which has rather surprisingly kept up the special guest of the week most weeks.

Thanks to TNT’s “Let’s Marathon the Hell out of whatever show we’re promoting” I have roughly 60 episodes of the mentalist on DVR. Sure it’s yet another Sherlock Holmes ripoff, but it’s amusing and only slightly nuts.

I think I like this season of Wilfred, but it’s  swinging wildly around (as compared to the relatively steady, darkly amusing first season).

Doctor Who starts up next weekend. I think.

My teenager (aaiee!) watched “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” I was in the same room and did not spontaneously combust. I’m no Brony, but I’ll admit I did glance up when the Yakkity Sax music started.


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