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Starship Merchants Bridging the New World’s Eclipse

That pretty much sums up my last week of gaming.

Starship Merchants — I’ve played three games and I enjoy it. I wrote a session report for my first two games, my 3rd was a 2-player affair that ended before the Mark IIIs showed up. I do worry (as at least one other poster has) that the 2 player game has a decent first player advantage. Yes, the second player can see and react but a) the first player will win a final run declaration (if the game is a dead heat) and (more importantly) b) the first player can see the available market and know which card he’ll buy if he only gets one ship. I think these apply in the 3+ game, as well, but it’s a lot more fluid, I think. Still in the honeymoon phase, though.

Bridge — Apart from crushing the weekly weaky club game again (seriously, the only good night game conflicts with my game night), the unit had an individual game with 22 tables. Sadly, at least 10 of those tables were atrocious, so it was a pot shoot. (Any individual event is, but if it were roughly the strength of a sectional event that would be one thing. This was “people who don’t know rebids after 1C-1H.” One of my better partners went down in a cold 3N … but at least realized her mistake). Actually, I’d do that again, as I think individuals are good for the game. I like the more obscure formats, and I’d like to see multi-session individuals (culling the field after each session). I think the ACBL should have one prestige individual event a year (not that I attend nationals).

Eclipse — Still enjoying this.

Mundus Novus — Cute. I’d play it again. Pleasantly indifferent.


Written by taogaming

August 1, 2012 at 2:42 pm

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  1. We thought Mundus Novus was VERY disappointing, taking the great card drafting procedure from Mare Nostrum and turning it into a process where you have next to no control. It looks like it should work, but it really doesn’t.

    I’m intrigued by Starship Merchants, although I’m a little concerned about the luck of the draw. I’ll probably be picking this up in my next game order.


    August 1, 2012 at 8:05 pm

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