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Sectional Atrocities

Among the atrocities committed against me this weekend:

  1. This one’s for players only. 1C-1S;2C-2S;3C-4N!!! (2S was non forcing).
  2. Passing a cuebid, of course.
  3. Refusing to leap to a ‘maybe it will make’ game (at IMPs) but then (after investigation) leaving me in a known terrible contract (off four) instead of the making or off one safe contract.
  4. Making dangerous matchpoints doubles at IMPs (-790). Worse, making them when you have less points than your bid promised.

To be fair, I am not pristine, but sheesh.

Still, not everything turned out terribly. We beat a very good team in the opening round of the swiss, a 3rd overall in one of the pairs games and a few contracts where I played well…


Written by taogaming

June 10, 2012 at 5:04 pm

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