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One comment on the Rock Band Pro Guitar

I viewed the task of changing strings with mild trepidation, but it was a bear. All the “how to change string” videos I saw were for guitars where the string goes through the body, which makes pushing it through the anchor easy. Here you have to string it under the anchor, the thread it using a plastic doodad to catch the string and pull it through the anchor. Ugh. And I’m off to Amazon to buy a string winding tool.

Hopefully I didn’t mess it up much (I know I did, a little). Not that the strings are that expensive, but the time…

On the rocksmith front, downloaded Space Oddity, which has all the chords. (Well, all the majors, anyway, a few minors, some weird ones, and multiple variants of C, G and A). And, as I noted on Twitter, I can kinda-sorta do a simplified (much simplified) but recognizable Clapton Riff. Which, according to my theological studies, makes me some kind of Cherub.


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June 3, 2012 at 10:18 am

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