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One local brought his (college aged) niece along to last weeks gaming, so I brought Trivia and party offerings. I was not alone:

  • Trivial Pursuit Team Edition — Good Parts — No board or dice, just cards, and 24 cards is a game. Each card is worth six points, but some are all or nothing, some have “answer 3” or “name 6 items in this category” and other sub games. The card lists a title. Bad Parts — The card doesn’t indicate it’s category. So you may know a card is on Tarantino, but is it a list 6 (name six tarantino movies) or a question about one particular movie? Kind of random. Also, the game has enough cards for 12 games. Still, I think Jacqui picked this up for a few bucks, which seems about right.
  • Smart Ass — Ditch the board and die, and you have the cards. Which make more and more restrictive statements “I am a North American City. I get almost no rainfall. …” but in practice most people know the card after 2-3 statements. Good idea, aimed low.
  • Who would Win — You have 20 seconds to convince people to vote for your celebrity. “Who is better at Smuggling? Lance Armstrong or Lassie?” Needed variant — get dealt two celebrities and pick the one you sponsor after seeing the category. Keeps you from having Superman vs Shirley Temple in the long jump.
  • Meltdown 2020 — Fine. Another Cwali game. Our board was weird in that several sections were obviously safe until the endgame, so the board was a lot less chaotic than usual. Indifferent, but OK.



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April 28, 2012 at 10:05 am

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