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Two Routine Bridge Hands

First off, my RHO opens 2C (Strong and forcing) and I’m staring at:

S: KQ9xxx H: AKJxx D:Q C:J

I was hoping to get doubled in 3 of a major, but opener was too distributional (as he had to be) so we just set 6C. Then, the very next hand, I pick up

S: — H: AKQ8xx D:43 C:AK765

Partner (1st seat, vulnerable vs not) opens 2D and I’m wondering how to proceed when RHO bids 4S. That solves my problem — I bid 5S, which obviously forces partner to slam and (hopefully) indicates uncertainty about which slam. LHO doubles, partner and RHO pass. Well, if partner has no strong preference, I’m bidding 6H. Pass Pass (pause) Pass.

LHO (random person) is now chastising RHO (a friend) for not doubling.  RHO correctly says “6H wasn’t bid as a sac. I was thinking about bidding 6S to sacrifice.”

LHO leads a spade and dummy hits with

S:xxx H:T9 D:KQT952 C:QT

I ruff and pull trumps which (thankfully) break 3-2. I suspect the club hook is on, but why decide? I lead a diamond to the king and RHO drops the jack. I quickly claim

Sometimes it’s an easy game.


Written by taogaming

April 25, 2012 at 10:42 pm

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