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Quick Core Worlds update

After another game, another re-evaluation of my thoughts

  • Did I say Troop Transport + Repair station is a good combo? I meant great combo.
  • The five player game is interesting, but long. All cards available in the draft reduces replay value for that setup, though.
  • I think we found a minor gap in the rules. No big deal, though.
  • Get VP worlds early. You can rack up a respectable amount of VP worlds.
  • I like the Consul of the Empire variant with 5. But even then (and especially without it) be set up to pounce on a Core World as your first action of T9 or T10. And save your medbot (etc) for T9 (unless you take a big VP world in T8)! The ability to invade twice in consecutive actions is huge.
  • That’s another reason Repair Station is a big card, and worthy of drafting even by itself. In our game I took a Core World (Zeus) on turn 9 and repaired a vehicle (to save it) and I medbotted a starfighter. Then I deployed the rest of my hand. As I had a thin deck, on T10 I drew the repair station and medbot again. The medbot didn’t help (since deploying costs valuable time), but I took a Coreworld on my first action and repaired a speedbot (3FS and 3GS), which left me with enough strength to take another world on my next action. (Again, playing with the Consul variant–  multiple people could invade a world as long as they got it on the same action round).

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April 9, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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