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Another Itch Scratched — Perry Rhodan

A mere ~3 years after first expressing interest, I got to try Perry Rhodan.

It’s fine. It’s basically a pickup and deliver … you roll a die, on a 1 you get +1 and a reroll. Moving towards the sun costs 1 point, away costs two (effectively). Take off and landing cost a point. Each container holds one type of good, and you can’t add to a container that’s full.  When you deliver a good, you flip them over (they are two sided) and if the new goods have a pair (or more) they are discarded, so goods slowly leave the game.

And then you have cards. You can buy gold cards, which give you things like +1 movement, extra card draws, extra containers, a hyperdrive (jump to the outermost planet) and the like. They have escalating costs based on the number of gold cards you already have. You can also play silver cards, which are one time things. Based on my first game I’d say that getting 2 gold cards (bought on the same turn, so you get a discount) and then being done seems reasonable, but I used way too much of my weekly luck in that game.

So, Perry Rhodan is fine. But I already own Jambo. This is a pleasant change of pace, but won’t be the reigning champ of 2 player “make money fast” games. On the other hand, it does let me insert “The Platypus” whenever someone tries to say it.

Indifferent (except for platypus jokes).


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February 10, 2012 at 9:36 pm

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