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No new games, but …

I did play 3 sessions at the sectional this weekend, which included:

  • A section top (2nd overall flight b) when playing with a pickup partner (favor to partnership chair) who had some … odd bidding ideas. (But he played the cards well). Almost every ‘wrong’ bidding decision he made worked out (and these weren’t judgement calls, but gross mistatements of value/shape).
  • A rather routine 60% playing in a side game while the North American Pairs qualifier was going on (I didn’t play in it because I can’t play today, and it’s a 2-day event). A few mistakes, a few gifts. But during the game the Tournament Director comes up to ask if we’d like to play in the next session of the NAP Flight A (because an extra pair brings them a much better movement). Sure.

Now, I’ve only played with this partner a few times, so it’s a fairly new partnership, but the NAP session easily (and unsurprisingly) had the most consistently good opposition I’ve played against. So getting almost 50% despite making a few conservative decisions that didn’t work out and having a ‘new partnership misunderstanding’ felt pretty damn good.

I feel like I’ve been seeing the cards much better the last few weeks. Perhaps my new year’s bridge resolution is working.


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January 15, 2012 at 10:45 am

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