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May as well. 2011 Year In Review

Let’s see…

  • I played one session of bridge every 5 days or so.
  • I played slightly more than 100 games of FtF Dominion (almost all with the TaoLing)
  • No other quarters for the year, but…


  1. Race for the Galaxy
  2. Backgammon
  3. Rallyman
  4. 7 Wonders
  5. Black Friday
  6. Puzzle Strike
  7. Yomi
  8. No Retreat (not 10 games, but well north of 25 hours, so that makes it a dime in my book)


  1. Air Baron
  2. Arena: Roma II
  3. Chess
  4. Hansa Teutonica
  5. Kakerlakken Poker
  6. Tichu
  7. Blood Bowl : Team Manager
  8. Jambo
  9. To Court the King

As is typical, I played roughly 150 titles, although almost half of them got 1 play each. Some of those are long  or classics (or both), but most of them were just Meh.

Game of the Year? Off the top of my head, either Rallyman or No Retreat, but I’m not sure either gives off the “I’ll still be playing it in a few years” vibe. A few months of obsession is good enough for my GotY, apparently. To be fair,


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December 30, 2011 at 8:08 pm

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  1. Rallyman is good, but it never trumps Kakerlaken Poker!!


    January 1, 2012 at 1:05 pm

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