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Big hitter, the Lama ….

So, on the promise that I’ll finally get to play again, I pulled out my copy of Europe Engulfed to re-read the rules.  Imagine my surprise to be reminded / find out:

  • The movement/combat/supply rules are simple. (There are a fair number of special cases, like “How do you get combat bonuses” or terrain effects, but the core is simple). The production rules aren’t bad.
  • The Special Action idea really is elegant.
  • I did remember that Naval Warfare, Strategic Warfare & the Political rules are not simple (and in the last case, not elegant, but how could they be?)
  • The tourney scenario cuts out most of the last bullet point and plays in 4 hours.

So I may actually play EE again. Trying to get a few longer (full day) games to the table, and this is the first candidate.


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September 25, 2011 at 9:52 am

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