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Regarding my recent Here I Stand thoughts, I posed some questions regarding Virgin Queen and got some answers. (I like the idea that the new world gives extra CP which can be added to cards, and not impulses).

Season 1 of Wilfred — damn funny, and I’m probably going to get the DVD when it gets cheap. I’m officially amazed by the level of profanity (both by language and content), and the “What is Wilfred? Hallucination, Malicious Spirit, Real Dog that only Ryan can see” issue is amusing, but none of that would matter if it wasn’t laugh out loud funny a few times per episode. And the couch gags at the end of most shows…

I wonder if it’s just the Timeslot, because Wilfred gives way to Archer. Only 3 episodes, so it will have to hold us over until the full season starts in Jan/Feb.

Nothing in the new Fall lineup is really jumping out at me, so after this month I’ll have no real shows I’m watching … I’ve been going through the Dimitri Martin, Important Things show on Instant Queue, but its only got a few more episodes. Almost caught up on Futurama, too.


Written by taogaming

September 11, 2011 at 10:22 am

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  1. I have just watched a few things on Hulu/Netflix that were really good. Misfits, which is another take on the Heroes / Alphas / No Ordinary Family sort of thing. It’s from BBC, and is pretty gritty. I liked it (seasons 1 and 2). There’s profanity and stuff.

    Also from BBC, Sherlock – only 3 episodes from earlier this year, but each one is 90 minutes long, and each one is spectacular. I hear they’re going to have 3 more episodes soon.

    And of course, the 2nd half of series 6 of Dr. Who is back on Saturday nights on BBC America.

    Looking forward to Archer’s return. I guess Psych is starting again soon as well, thoguh I don’t like that show as much as I once did.

    Seth Jaffee

    September 12, 2011 at 6:28 pm

  2. Really anxious for Psych’s return. I didn’t realize how much I liked that show until I had to wait until fall (It was always a summer show, and I was apparently more anxious than I realized for the season to begin).

    Psych is such a fantastic show. The dialog is on par with some of the best and the actors bring it to life. Great show.


    September 18, 2011 at 2:15 am

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