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Sneaks & Snitches

[A veritable reviewpalooza this week!]

Sneaks & Snitches scratches the “He knows I know” itch quickly. Each turn there are some locations (A-H in a 5 player game) and each has a card. Most of the cards give a few gems (of various colors), but some give cards, some give VPs, some let you exchange gems. (Cards are secret gems that can’t be stolen).

Each turn you try to steal (“Sneak”) from one location, and you protect (“Snitch”) another. Anyone who steals from a protected location gets nothing. If you are the only thief in an unprotected location, you get it; multiple thieves just get a card each (so don’t go away empty handed). All cards that had nobody sneak or snitch get snapped up by Danny Ocean’s crew. Once the cards run out, you convert cards to gems and gems to VPs. Each type of gem pays off 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc according to a card. (In the five player game, blue gems score 3 for first, and nothing else. Another gem scores 3 for 1st or 2nd, etc etc).

Simple simultaneous selection and outguessing. You should know if you’ll like it or hate it based on the description….


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August 11, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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