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Vegas Thoughts and slightly back

In no particular order:

  • My “Don’t broadcast vacations” strategy backfired, when at least one couple I know was also in Vegas a block away for most of my first day there. Oops.
  • The Bellagio didn’t mention the “resort” fee when we booked. (In fact, we know this because we had paid in full in advance, except for the resort fee). The next time I go, I may call the Bellagio and see if they mention it. If they don’t I definitely won’t book there. Tacking on fees at check in is scummy, more like a used car salesman. (If I cared about the $20/day, I wouldn’t have been staying there anyway, but transparency is important).
  • Bally’s had posters saying “F*#k Resort Fees”. Apparently I’m not alone.
  • Apart from that, the Bellagio was nice.
  • The Penn and Teller and Cirque de Soliel shows were pretty much exactly what you’d expect. You’ll like them if you like that sort of thing. (Leaving P&T I overheard a 65-ish woman who clearly didn’t know what to expect and was annoyed at P&Ts less showy tricks).
  • I’m pretty sure I saw Dan Hedaya’s gay twin.
  • The airport security line at McCarran’s has gotten much better since the last time I went.
  • I lost a fair bit of money in the poker room.  I should have lost (no pair and only 1 AK in 3 hours), but only about half of what I did. I tried to steal the pot with my AK (suited) after missing the flop, and tried again on the turn. I left when I realized I’d totally misread a board and that even if my opponent had the (weaker) hand I was hoping for (instead of the 2nd nuts she had), then I still would have lost. Ugh.
  • I went over to Pai Gow Poker, which is (in my mind) like a slow version of Blackjack. That doesn’t require card counting. I lost money, but it’s expected. Also a much better atmosphere than the poker room.
  • I was thinking of the Simpson’s Cirque parody during the show. “They always pick the guy wearing a wire.”
  • There are a ton of new games I don’t remember … many more poker variants as table games (Crazy 4, Let it Ride, Carribean Stud). Even just War. Sic-bo is roulette with 3d6, an idea I’m shocked is more recent. (Can’t you just see the casino pitch. “It’s like Roulette, but most people can’t figure out the odds of rolling both a 1 and 5 on three dice! Hell, most people think rolling a 1 is 50-50!“) If I wanted a high-variance game I’d possibly pick this.
  • Many of my engineering coworkers (previous job) were Craps fiends, they liked the fact that the house had an edge on the main roll, but they could get actual odds rolls after that. I still haven’t tried that.
  • Also surprised to find a “points card” that works in poker rooms (Mlife).
  • Just to annoy the Gambling Industry, I’m filing this under non-gaming.  “Gaming” instead of “Gambling” always struck me as doubleplus ungood newspeak. (I mean, I know why Lobbyists do it, but why do people who aren’t getting payed play along?)

Anyway, I doubt I’ll be back in the near future;  but who knows.

How was your vacation?


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August 1, 2011 at 10:35 am

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  1. I agree with pretty much all of your comments. Resort fees suck and are underhanded. Kim recently paid $100 for two “comped” nights in Atlantic City.

    Pai Gow Poker is great for slow, lazy gambling where you have an illusion of choice.

    Cirque and P&T are great if you know what to expect.

    I’ve never stayed at Bellagio but it’s my favorite hotel to wander around.

    The odds on Sic Bo are pretty bad. Better off to find single-0 roulette. Even double-0 roulette is likely better (not for the even-pay bets, but you are asking for variance).

    I agree with your craps-loving friends. The pass line bet isn’t horrible and then you get to make a large zero-house-edge variance bet. Baccarat isn’t bad but it’s dry, except the one slow night in the high roller area they lowered the limit to something I could almost afford and I got to see the pomp and drama used by the rich. Spoiler: the decks were ruined on each play. Bad card were mangled. Good cards were speared with pencils.


    August 10, 2011 at 8:46 pm

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