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I don’t always believe in signs and portents…

…so I’m going to a party so I stop by the liquor store to get some pre-made lime margarita mix (Diet!) that a guest brought over a few weeks ago. (And for those tempted to mock, let me just state that Bourbon or whiskey would be inappropriate for a 1 year old’s party).  They were offering free samples of the exact item I was going to purchase. Today only. (And only that item).

I have to now seriously consider the possibility that God thinks I should be drinking more. (My age seems to be perfect to start being an alcoholic, I doubt liver damage will ever exceed heart damage, given how late I’m starting).

Update — Weird dreams ensue. Also, wackiness. Help me out by IDing the villian!


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June 25, 2011 at 8:51 pm

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