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A Good Mango/Stew War

Some thoughts about recent recentness:

  • (Finally) played Struggle of Empires again. 4 Hours just flew by. Really, I was shocked at what time it was. As usual, I mis-judged the unrest situation slightly and lost. To be fair, if I hadn’t pushed the unrest, I’d have lost anyway.
  • With tonight’s Dr. Who, we are now in the summer hiatus. Boo-urns. A few twists, some good, some bad. Some great writing.  A gathering of people.  And, let me second what Keith Phipps wrote in the AVClub. I’d totally watch a spinoff where Madame Vastra, a female Silurian (humanoid lizard), fights crime in Victorian England by eating the guilty. Especially since I have no real shows to watch right now. Warehouse 13 isn’t bad. (I’m mostly through the first season).
  • The Robot kicked my ass at Race (with Brink of War). I may start up another grudge match against the Robot. After all, we just won the Robopocalypse.
  • As always, open thread on the media I should consume to make it through the summer. I’ll be watching Torchwood (if I can … Starz often streams via Netflix pretty fast, sometimes the same day) but other than that I’ve got little to nothing. Oh, Jon Benjamin has a Van starts this week, I think.
  • I had one of the worst bridge sessions of the last year earlier this week. Truly awful. Yuck.
  • I’ve been picking out Space Oddity on guitar, without Rock Band. Need to turn it back on and try the song.
  • I got an email from Richard Cheese telling me he was playing a concert in Houston. It arrived a mere 12 hours before the gig. To me, this is not enough advanced knowledge. (Not that I’m going to Houston for Ricardo Queso … but if I would, I might have needed to know earlier). But, in his honor, I did listen to his CD on my way to today’s gaming. I may even buy his newest CD.
  • The game night had a copy of the Knizia Co-op Star Trek game, but I left before it started.
  • I’m liking Cornucopia. It’s no Prosperity, but it’s good.

And that’s it. Open thread for the weekend, engaged!

What games? What TV? What Movies?


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June 11, 2011 at 9:50 pm

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  1. For summer TV I highly recommend Leverage, which apparently you haven’t been watching. Season 4 starts next week but more importantly the previous seasons are all available on netflix streaming. Trust me, its great.

    As for the good Dr. I’ve been watching S3 (Tennant S2) with my kids. First couple of episodes (Shakespeare, New New York Traffic Jam) were big hits. Last night was the first of the 2 part Daleks Take Manhattan. That didn’t go as well. Apparently, kids can find the Daleks very scary. Who knew? 3 for 3 told me to watch the second part by myself. I’m now averaging about 2 episodes a month, so by next summer I may be caught up with first-run episodes.

    Lou W

    June 11, 2011 at 10:04 pm

  2. Struggle of Empires remains my favorite Wallace game, though Perikles is my second favorite, so it’s quite possible I have warped sensibilities. Still, I think this reasonably short, low complexity game completely delivers the epic feel of 19th century global conflict. The game is perhaps a bit too dicey, particularly with the naval movement, but you just have to go in knowing there is a healthy dose of Ameritrash in the box.

    Sorry I missed it!


    June 12, 2011 at 11:40 am

    • I am planning on teaching SoE to one of my gaming groups, and we are looking to play with up to 7. Is that a horrible mistake? Do you all have a preference for number of players?

      Joe J. Rushanan

      June 12, 2011 at 12:05 pm

      • Well, some thoughts:

        1. It took 4-5 hours, with a few times I had to dive into the rules (I haven’t played in a few years) to figure something out.
        2. Nobody seemed bored, or said anything to that effect.
        3. I think that 6 or 7 work well. 5 is a bit odd, since you’ll have a 3 on 2 situation (4 on 3 isn’t nearly as bad). I assume 3 would be horrific. I’ve actually played with 2, it’s dry. Haven’t tried 4. With new players it’s not bad. You’ll spend the first war picking things up, and then the game will speed up (as tiles are removed, reducing the choices). I think that emphasizing that Diplomatic Office, War Office, Trained Natives, Mercenaries and Press Gangs are GOOD before the game, so that nobody winds up in a horrible position because they took crappy tiles, will keep things flowing. There’s enough picking on the leader that you can do badly in the first War and not be out of it (although you have to be in the pack after the 2nd War to realistically have a chance).


        June 12, 2011 at 1:17 pm

  3. I believe Starz and Netflix’s relationship has changed, there is about a X (6?) month window between releases on Starz and when it appears on Netflix.

    I’ve been watching Flash Forward on Netflix which hasn’t disappointed yet (up to episode 8 last night out of a 22 episode season).

    Charles Feduke

    June 14, 2011 at 7:49 am

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