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Meet the new El Jefe ….

So last night’s new game was Junta: Viva el Presidente. Here’s my board game progression (discounting children’s games and classics). Junta was one of the first games I played, but it never aged well. It took too long (even in those heady college days).

So let’s just say I’m the target audience for J:VeP. It certainly captures the essence. I’m not sure it’s a great game, but Junta wasn’t either.  The president divvies up the loot, people assign their dice to attack and defend, you resolve. If you attack the president you forfeit your loot, if the presidency fails everyone except the president loses theirs. To balance that, the president must give at least one card to each other play. If you successfully attack someone, you get one of their cards (at random). The president can’t attack, and his dice don’t get to roll, unless he loans them out.  Many of the cards are money, which buy troops (dice), cards or VP. Each player starts with 1 VP, the Presidency is a VP, and you buy a VP some turns. First to six wins.

It really works as a ‘reboot’ of the series. Good, not great. I probably won’t buy it, but I’d certainly play it again. 45 Minutes instead of 3 hours is fine.


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May 24, 2011 at 5:03 pm

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  1. Ack! Even Brian is losing the loose/lose battle…. I don’t know when that became so common, but I see it at least daily.

    Hey, what do you think about the loss of the non-President roles in the new Junta?

    Jon W

    May 25, 2011 at 9:07 am

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