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  • My “Top 20 outside the Top 200” geeklist inspired other people, which I think is good. I’m surprised how often Cribbage is on the lists … (I just tossed my cribbage board into the game bag last weekend and played a few games). In any case, making the geeklist propelled me to rotate the games I bring to include a good chunk of that.
  • The OG’s game of the year summary list. Good list of games worth checking out.
  • I recalculated my H-index (conservative estimates of games played before I started tracking) and my number is at least 34. To be fair, I only did this because I wasn’t gaming. I’m not quite so stat-addled that I’ll play Hera & Zeus 3 more times just to bump it up a notch, though.
  • There should be an H-Hour index, where you count time spent (in hours) instead of games.  Although I think my number would state the same (4 games would have numbers plummet, but I think at least 4 games would have numbers shoot above 35. (Hell, 18xx games alone probably cover my losses).
  • I updated my games for trade page, I’ll have an auction in the next month or two, but if any readers/locals want to make an offer first, that would be fine.
  • I don’t play Hannibal enough to want the expansion, personally.
  • Barnes review of Yggdasil

Written by taogaming

May 21, 2011 at 1:19 pm

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  1. My H-index (using only plays I’ve recorded; unrecorded plays would like bump it by about 3) is 36

    My H-Hour index is 33; I don’t add enough to account for the shorter games lost (and I only add 3 18xx games).

    My H-Happiness index is 63.

    Joe Huber

    May 23, 2011 at 10:30 am

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