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I played Troyes last game session. My initial reaction was JASE, but the next day I found myself thinking about it. It certainly has several original ideas (it may be a worker placement type, but that doesn’t feel right. Better to say “Limited Actions” but the exact number of actions are dependent on player actions… there could be anywhere from 6 to 18 actions each turn).

And while it has the lamest theme known to Euros, I like the medieval style artwork on the cards. It may still be a JASE, but I think my initial reaction (“Meh”) was overly cynical and I hope there’s a good game there. Not quite willing to pull the trigger on it, but it will be high on the list of new games.

I also played …. Small world. And I had totally forgot there was a “More powers and races” expansion I didn’t have! I’ll have to correct that. I suffered my worst trouncing in Small World in …. well, forever, I think. Lesson Learned — Do not pick the pixies unless you have a massive spread out power (like Maurading)…or people will just eat you alive. Possibly with a side of hummingbird.

And my new game order arrived — frabjous! The Lewisnky, Monica expansion adds a new map with a few new rules, or some cards to use on the old map. I’m still playing with the nerfed token scoring rules …

Also in the box — Rallyman and Airlines Europe. The former counts as the first “I’m vaguely intrigued and willing to take a flyer” purchase I’ve made in a while. I did a single race just to get a feel for the rules, and then the younger TaoLing and I played a 3-stage rally. Clever push your luck mechanism, plays pretty fast, although I think that a reasonable variant is to time people’s turns with a stop watch and penalize them (maybe getting ~20 seconds for free, or penalizing 1 second for each 5 seconds taken). Pretty little game, too. One or two rules questions, but nothing major.

A.E. is basically a remake of a series I like, so even though it was basically blind purchase, I knew what I was getting. So there.


Written by taogaming

May 19, 2011 at 8:08 pm

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