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That was a triumph!

OK, actually I’m done with Portal 2 (and now, a sad moon is on the rise…). On the non-computer front, I’ve mainly been playing bridge (the local sectional is this weekend, and I’m playing tomorrow and saturday, as part of my consolation of not going to any gaming tournaments in the last few weeks). But I did play some Combat Commander on Monday.

Scenario #112 (Sonnenwende) — as the Russian commander invading the German city in the closing days of WWII, I had a reasonable superiority of troops, but had to clear out the german command center before the end of the game, which would likely be six time triggers. (Since the sixth time trigger reached the sudden death marker at 10). (I started down around 15 VP, but taking over the command center would be worth 18 or so). I hit my first time trigger almost immediately, but ignored it via initiative. After that, I advanced some of my troops along the eastern map edge, mainly shielded from the German HMG by buildings, but having to eat a bit of fire before I could get into the rear of the command center. This cost time, of course. Meanwhile, my other sergeant took a squad and team into a German Pillbox and cleaned it out, playing the action that gave me a bonus 2 VP. After a few time triggers, I’d moved a squad into the command center and advanced more troops toward it. The Germans started calling in artillery strikes (achieved via reinforcements), but I  called in support to target their artillery (two “Artillery Denieds” played in quick succession).

On the western edge of the map, I’d tried to stachel charge a few of the defensive positions, to little avail, but the troops took advantage of some confusion and snipers to abandon those (unimportant) positions and fall back into the command complex, which now had 8 squads in or adjacent to it (four on each side), plus a few fire teams and leaders.

With time running out, I had little chance of seizing the command complex, but I’d been killing enough Krauts (at double VP) that the game was close.  I was concentrating fire on the weakest squad, hoping to kill them, and contemplating whether to risk another melee. Then, as the last time trigger approached, a walking wounded event put another broken german squad on an open road next to the complex. They were quickly eliminated, earning me a marginal 1VP victory.

So in my gaming notebook, I made a note … huge success.

As always, CC takes a while (about 2.5 hours, partially due to rust) but the time flew by. I think this will stay in the bag for a while.

Also played — Black Friday, which now has 10 plays. Our market didn’t crash until the very end of the game, which meant some players (cough) were hosed when they quite reasonably sold all their stock for a tidy profit when 9 black briefcases were in the bag, (expecting to buy back in post first-crash) only to see the market surge ahead not once, but twice! The other players then sold for an obscene profit and (since only single black briefcases had appeared) bought up lots of silver. Ah well.

Kakerlaken Poker — I really like the rule variant where you lose if you get 3 of a kind (instead of 4), which makes the game much more tactical. Of course, we normally play with 6 players. With fewer, 4 is probably OK.

Liars Dice — For nostalgia.


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April 28, 2011 at 7:29 pm

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  1. Just started Portal 2 tonight. Doing the same thing, pre-bedtime game, and I’m making good use of my 1080p TV so that the whole family can watch. Kids are really enjoying it so far.

    Also, on ‘Still Alive’. It’s such a good song that my wife, who has never seen Portal, still loves singing it on Rock Band 3.

    In other news. I got crushed in Liar’s Dice at the GoF. Really really played badly, but was reminded that it’s a great game. Never got to play Black Friday, my only missed game that was on my list of must plays ahead of time. Not bad.

    Lou W

    April 28, 2011 at 8:15 pm

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