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Open Thread for the Weekend that Was

Let’s see …

  • I’m fairly close to finishing Portal 2’s single player campaign. I’m not going to lie to you Marge, it’s been awesome and whenever I’ve gotten stuck I’ve kicked myself when I finally got the answer. (Either through figuring it out or via a walk-through). TaoLing and I have been playing the co-ope, and it’s pretty good as well. (Although I think it would be frustrating playing online without voice, it’s possible). If I was rushing I could have finished in a day or two, but the kids enjoy back seat driving, which reminds me why doctors have such precise words for directions (“Move up, then turn left, then down! No … the other other down!” Aim for that panel near that thing!”)
  • I’ve finished the Moderate (“3 dot”) Pro Guitar on medium, then for good measure defeated two songs on the next set on the first try. Medium is almost entirely melody + power chords with rare regular (G/C/D) chords. Just for giggles, I tried Crazy Train (on Medium) and while I couldn’t do it, I didn’t see anything in the first few stanzas beyond power chords + a faster melody. I also beat I Love Rock and Roll on expert (despite missing every note of the solo).
  • Now that the Dominion Cornucopia list is out, color me mildly disappointed. I’ll get a copy, but I didn’t bother to get one this weekend for full retail.
  • I”m mildly intrigued by Star Trek Expeditions and the LotR Co-op LCG. In their honor I’ve tossed the Knizia LotR game back into the bag. That’s the extent of my involvement, so far. But I’d like to try them.
  • Mrs. Tao, who was at some gaming convention, called to verify that we had 7 Wonders.  Then asked again during the next phone call. So I guess she liked it, or I’m not very trustworthy. Or both. Here ends my convention report — Portal 2 wins Game of the Convention for me. And for you?
  • Surprisingly I’ve seen little to no coverage … I assume that the hotel’s lack of internet played a big part of that. No doubt the GeekLists will be popping up over the next day or so.
  • Archer Season 2 — Truly one of the great seasons of any comedy I’ve watched. That’ll do, Pigly.

Written by taogaming

April 24, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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  1. Ahh- making me jealous. I might have to cave and get the Squire guitar…

    Sean Tompkins

    April 25, 2011 at 12:13 pm

  2. Thanks for the continual updates on the Squire. Almost certain to breakdown and get one this summer.

    GoF notes:
    I also told J twice that you already had 7 Wonders. She REALLY wanted it. The leaders expansion was nice, it added a little more variability, a minor amount of time, and it was extremely simple to integrate in. I’m a bit concerned about balance, there was one leader (free guilds) that seemed quite overpowered, but it was good in general.

    2nd in Poker. Lost with AKo vs A3o. The 3 was the only club and, after a King on the flop, and made the runner-runner 4-flush. But don’t think I’m whining…I wouldn’t dare. 3 hands earlier I’d been all-in with 35o against Ax. A high flop, but I hit the 2-4 for the runner-runner inside straight. And before that I’d won with QQ against AA, JT vs KQ, a couple coin flips, etc. It wasn’t just me, once it hit the final four I think 12 of 13 preflop all-ins were won by the weaker hand. Nutty nutty game. Congrats to Jeff Ford.

    I was distinctly not a fan of Cornucopia. I liked the idea of cards that were based on having lots of unique cards in theory, but it combo’d in an odd way with previous sets. Some interesting cards, but nothing special…except Tournament. That’s a really different card, but more flash than substance. Generally by the time you get a ‘prize’ the game is almost over. In 4 games with Tournament I never saw a prize card get played more than once through the deck.

    Otherwise, I had a lot of fun, but none of the new games I played were wows. Good, but not great. Possible exception would be Airlines Europe, which is not enough different from Union Pacific for me to buy, but after one play did seem to be a big better. Board play not as important, but stock play more interesting and varied.

    Lou W

    April 28, 2011 at 8:34 pm

  3. […] almost certainly ordering Cornucopia (despite my general reaction) since I play Dominion with TaoLing. So the real question is — what else am I […]

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