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Monday Gaming says Ryuken!

Yomi — Rock Paper Scissors with cards, combos, and whatnot. Better than it sounds, which means that it’s playable. I was vaguely tempted by this, now I think I’ll just play a few more times.

7 Wonders — Sitting next to the Amazons (who pumped out double digit military both games) and a) next to Rhodes (bonus military) and as Rhodes (Bonus Military, not so useful when facing Amazons), confirms what Larry and I believed. But short enough I don’t care.

London — I’m not really sold on Wallace’s games, so I was expecting another Age of Industry -type game that did nothing. The good news is that the game flows reasonably well, and held my interest. The comparison to Race is actually reasonable. (Lots of special powers, use cards to pay for other cards). However, it bogged down as each player tried to not trigger the game end. May just be new players, but that was the only. (I kept reading the rules looking for something that indicates we were doing it wrong. Didn’t find it).  A touch long for what it is, but I’ll try it again, which isn’t typical

Picked up Empire Builder from the yearly sale (it was 75% off). I think my son may enjoy it, if we play a much shorter version. Ditto me).

Tomorrow — I may or may not break down and buy the Rock Band 3 Pro-Guitar, but I’d like some assurance I’m spending my money … well, wisely seems wrong, but not in vain? Thoughts?


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March 1, 2011 at 12:50 am

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  1. Brian, the “no one wants to end the game” situation in London seems to be mostly an issue for beginning players. Once you have a game or two under your belt, you know to prepare for the end of the game and you find players who strive to make it end.


    March 1, 2011 at 6:58 pm

  2. […] was thinking about London today, after my good experience, and I thought “It might be better to buy up land first, but perhaps the loan means that […]

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