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Thoughts from New Year’s (Gaming & Non)

(And there’s a geeklist):

  • How do you people playing XBox Trivial Pursuit know to scream “Brian, what’s the Bar in ‘How I Met Your Mother.'” And shame on you for not knowing. Netflix is killing me on Season 5, by the way. Killing me.
  • I did see that “You Don’t Know Jack” is out for consoles at Game Stop. I’ll have to get that, if XBox has it. Trivial Pursuit? Pfft.
  • Invest in Falafel.
  • I don’t know what it is about Factory Manager, but that game eludes me. Normally, this makes a game all mysterious and exciting, but something keeps me from really loving this. It may be sorting out all those damn tiles.
  • The tie breaker for Seven Wonders is most money. Our game had a tie at 58 points, and another tie at $16. Neither play built the last two stages of their wonder (due to lack of resources!) I continue to be amused by this game.
  • A dash of coconut — I normally dislike it, but on a rich chocolate pie…
  • There’s a local Dominion tournament, but people who schedule a gaming tournament at 10am on New Year’s Day deserve what they get.
  • The Archer Season 1 Unaired Pilot is a single joke drawn out over 22 minutes, but it kept getting funny again. I need professional help.
  • I’m going to blame my poor showing in Small World on drunkeness. And kobolds. Damn Kobolds. Between it and Factory Manager I haven’t gotten crushed as much in many a moon.
  • Tamales are also a New Year’s Tradition, down here. Lunch soon.
  • After playing Rock Band 3, Rock Band 2 seems oddly quaint.

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January 1, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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