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2010 Year in Review — Games Played

Looking at my games played in ’10:

I played a good amount of bridge. about 1.5 sessions a week. It helps to finally have solid partnerships, obviously. (I should write an update on what I think about Polish Club as a system, but I imagine only a handful of people care. I may anyway).
I got in ~60 games of Dominion, not counting the hundreds of games I’ve played on Isotropic. I’m late to the party, but I crashed it hard. I also think I’m swinging to Lou’s opinion on Alchemy … it slows the game down a bit more than I’d like (not every card in it, obviously, but potions add a layer of purchasing, not to mention the slowness of several of the card effects. I don’t actually mind Possession as many people do).

My favorite ‘new’ game was Mimsy Electronica, with 17 plays. For all that, I still want to house rule the game a bit. Perhaps make tokens worth zero points (since my prior nerfing didn’t go far enough, in my opinion).

Other games that earned dimes just narrowly made it:

  • Campaign Manager (sold)
  • Innovation (soured on, slightly)
  • Race for the Galaxy Brink of War (I like it, but Race fatigue has hit a bit. Keldon’s excellent server also means I’m not desperate to play this face to face. I expect Dominion to suffer next year for the same reason).
  • Settlers of Catan (which I played exclusively with the Taolings).

The only new nickels were Ascension (which I’m done with, at least until I see if an expansion adds game depth) and 7 Wonders (a nice filler).  I also managed a nickel on Homesteaders, most of which early in the year when it was still new, but it got 10 plays without being cast off.

So I guess that makes this a fairly weak “year.” (With the usual caveat that I see most new games ~6 months behind the bleeding edge these days, which is fine). I’ll think about this more later.

According to the excellent Friendless stats page: I’ve played ~142 games (these count expansions, I think, so it’s probably closer to ~130). About 60 of these games were new, so as usual I sampled a lot of games, and most of them were “OK” or “Fine.”

If I narrow my focus to the last quarter, only Labyrinth stands out as a potential ‘good game for this year.’ But I’d need another 5+ plays to determine that. I did do a solo turn at a harder setting (with double recruits) and it seemed much more interesting, but I had to take it down. I’ll probably revisit that this weekend….


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