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And a solo game of Labyrinth

I think I got a few (solo) rules wrong, but I don’t think it mattered. I delayed the invasion of Afghanistan to focus on Saudi Arabia. Abu Sayyef (the terrorist uprising in the Philippines)  showed up, so I moved troops from  Gulf States to prevent the prestige loss. I used most of the first year shoring up the Gulf States, but did get them to Good governance. The 2nd hand saw the US elections happen, which flipped my posture to soft. As it turns out, that was a blessing, since I played Tony Blair which gave me 3 war of idea rolls in europe, for +2 prestige (and canceling my penalty for disagreeing with the world stance). Since Invasion was off the table I just steadily moved towards the auto-win. The Saudis, then Allying with Iraq, deploying a small force of troops and capturing Saddam (for the +1 aid and prestige), before getting them to good governance. Finally I tested Egypt, lucked it as Fair, and allied/good governenced them a turn or two later. Pakistan was, by the point, starting to look shaky (adversarial/poor with FATA) but they probably wouldn’t have major jihaded for a turn or two, and in any case, the auto-win ended it.

Depending on how many rules I got wrong, I’ll have to play at a harder level. The AI is reasonable, but probably needs a fair bit of luck. As it was, I thought the AI had a pretty good run (it got Osama bin Laden, a well timed Martyrdom Operation to save funding, and pitched some decent US events), but the auto-win happened about 2/3rds of the way through the first deck.

Actually, none of my games have gone into the second deck now.  On the postive side, that means the games have been short. But it does seem like the game tips one way or the other and then after an hour the winning side steamrolls.


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December 21, 2010 at 9:31 pm

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