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The Walking Dud

Why I think I’m done with The Walking Dead (spoilers, of course).

  1. A bunch of loose plot points. While I totally agree that if you handcuff someone to the roof and they get away you aren’t likely to see them again … it’s hardly dramatic. Also, what was Nabakov’s line about a gun in Act 1? Can I haz grenade? No, I lost it in the laundry! Oh, here’s a grenade! The doors won’t open! Except they will.
  2. Let’s pretend we’re all emotionally invested in characters whose names we haven’t really been told more than once, much less shown any sign of personality. The sister’s death was good, we had a slight idea of who she was, but the family that left (Ep 5) or the woman who stayed behind in the CDC? Uh, Bye? Nice hanging out with you? (Ooh, TS-19 was his wife! OK. So he lost his wife due to Zombie attack and studied her. That doesn’t add depth). (Related to point one — Why build up a character we never see again? He’s a human McGuffin)
  3. The cheap whisper at the end? Lame. “I (the writer) have deep information that I’m stringing out, but I’m not sure where I’m going with it yet.” In my mind, this is a clear sign of BS plotting that BSG had in spades (minus the good early seasons had).
  4. No talking computers in my apocalypse. And you only get talking Dogs with a young Don Johnson.
  5. The big reveal … “Zombies aren’t people when they come back.” Thanks, Mr. Wizard! I think the survivors had guessed that part. I’m glad we avoided drama OR zombie attacks so that we could clear that up with spiffy graphics.

If they started showing season 2 next week I’d have watched out of momentum … a year should be more than enough time to kill that desire. I’d hoped for more under the theory that anyone who had a six episode season couldn’t pad it out, but there was about 2 episodes of good stuff and 4 of bad. Plenty of motionless, dramaless TV. Heaven help them if they try for 12 episodes next season.

Episode 1 — They boat to France.
Episode 2 — The last guy in France is really sorry, but he heard there was a place near Atlanta …. They boat back.
Episode 3 — Shane tries to win Laurie back. Again.
Episode 4 — Was that zombie jim? Nope. Just some other guy. But Zombie jim would have been really traumatic!
Episode 5 — In which our heroes learn that zombies, unlike people, aren’t racist.
Episode 6 — That horse you rode into Atlanta on? A zombie! And pissed off!
Episode 7 — Dale could really use some lovin’ right about now, Andrea. He’s old but not dead.
Episode 8 — Has Shane said he’s sorry and, btw, how about a quicky?
Episode 9 — Tempers flare and people almost attack each other! Tense!
Episode 10 — Our “You could be a zombie” commercials finally paid off for one lucky person. You get to watch.
Episode 11 — There’s a cure! But it’s protected by a nuclear explosion which everyone escapes from by being a good 1/2 block away from. But they almost die!
Episode 12 — Rick reveals that Dr. Jenner was giving him a really good Gaspacho recipe, since he knew they wouldn’t be able to cook a warm soup.


Written by taogaming

December 6, 2010 at 10:11 am

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  1. Shotgun on the wall theory is Chekov (playwright, not Starfleet)

    Fred Bush

    December 6, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    • “A phaser displayed in Act I must be fired in Act III. At a Klingon.” — Chekov.


      December 6, 2010 at 3:11 pm

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