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XBox Update

Now that I’ve watched the Dance Central game with Kinect … it really is a stunning piece of technology, although I’m more impressed with Minority Report style controls (waving your hands around to scroll a menu, slapping a menu item aside to activate it) than with the dance game (although it can recognize hip waggling … but to be fair if it were throwing out random grades I’m not sure I’d be able to see a difference). So, some mitigation of my opinion.

Rock Band Pro Drums — Like regular drums, but more so. Pro Keys is more of a “do I remember the riff for this song?” I can fail the easiest song if I forget the key and have to just keep stumbling randomly from note to note, then pass a much harder song because I quickly remember the pattern. On the plus side, I’ve spent a lot more time on my (real) synthesizer since getting the keyboard bug.

Update — When I got the XBox live update last night; the Kinect’s motor turned on (so it could look around). I didn’t know it could do that. Makes it seem somewhat alive (it makes me want to anthropomorphise the little dude). On the other hand, the kids are playing the Fitness and Dance games, so my “5 hours and dust” remark will be proven wrong shortly.


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November 19, 2010 at 8:52 pm

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