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Since I’m tweeting and replying … Kinect is a stunning technical achievement, which doesn’t change the fact that Kinect adventures games are boring. Now, I’m assuming that they (like the Wii) are aimed firmly at “People who hate videogames” and I can’t argue against any videogame that raises people’s heart rates, but my kids already seem somewhat bored with it.

The fact that the Kinect is also taking my pictures and storing them on my hard drive is, frankly, creepy. (How much do you want to bet that a “Pedophiles are spying on your kids via XBox Kinect” will be floating around the internet by Black Friday? If it’s not already.) I’m sure there’s a setting to turn that crap off, but I figure Kinect had it’s day … even today the kids weren’t that interested. So no worries.

As with the Wii, the real problem is that it’s a technology in search of a game. The minigames that came with it are meh. I think my wife ordered some of the other ones, and I’ll admit that a “Dance Hero” type game could work really well (and be a decent workout). So I’m not totally without hope. Although frankly, if it fails that means more time to practice my keyboards. So, win-win.

Still, a stunning technical achievement. This, coupled with full-wall video displays, and we’re half-way to a Next Generation Style holodeck. (Imagine a Call of Duty style first person Massive Multiplayer shooter with full 360 resolution, terrain, hiding, ambient sound coming from the appropriate direction (thank you THX) … it’s coming. Kinect is one small step in that direction).


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November 14, 2010 at 10:27 pm

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