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Played three sessions of bridge this week, including the two session Grand National Pairs qualifier (renamed “North American Open Pairs” because someone hates the very idea of marketing, I guess). The good news (woot) is that my partner and I won the city-wide flight B event running away. (3 Boards ahead of 2nd place on a 48 board event). The ‘theme’ of the day was hand evaluation. I think I’ve mentioned it before (perhaps not here), but probably the single best web page for the aspiring bridge player is Jeff’s  online implementation of the Kaplan/Rueben point count. Having a slightly better hand evaluation model helped quite a bit, although in any field like this gifts (and howlers) make up a much higher percentage of your score. (Such as the rest of the field missing a frigid slam that’s slightly light on points, but has easy to count tricks).


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October 3, 2010 at 2:17 pm

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