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Today’s gaming consisted of four games of Innovation, which I’ve already considered once. After for more games I’m forced to ask the question: How many timescan I play a game before the sheer number of plays indicates that I like it? I’m not sold on Innovation, but playing it four times back-to-back means something. (This is, in fact, the second session I’ve done this).

Issue #1 — Our first game had two experienced players getting smoked by the novice.  It’s a card game (hey it happens), but that’s pretty rare in Race (and even Glory to Rome).

Issue #2 — I still don’t feel like I have a good grasp of key cards (or even all the ways to win) after 8 games. On the one hand, nice. On the other, I seriously feel that people will still be groping around the in dark after 5 games, which is odd.

At the ending of our last game (my 8th, by the way), I had almost no points (6) to each other player’s 50+. I had scored the first three acheivements, and one special achievement (for splaying all five colors right or up). The other players had 4 & 3 achievements (you need 5 to win with 3 players), so the base deck had run out. One player had Fission (“The Big Red Button”) which can reset the game, but would win if the game ended (because then points count). He invoked one action which would draw the deck out, but I got to take an action first … scoring a 10 card (useless) and then melding two ten cards and taking the second meld’s action.

The second card was “A.I” which states (“If Software and Robotics are both active, end the game and the player with the LOWEST score wins.”) Now, as turns out, the first meld earned my second “Special” acheivement and won for me anyway. But I don’t think any of us had seen AI yet. We really need a player aid with “Cards that grant victory conditions”

But, having played 8 times, I can’t be too rough on the game:

  1. I won via AI (actually via 12 Science markers), but I’d given up on winning by points several turns earlier and did actually have a plan.
  2. An early lead either turns into a balanced position (high tech vs a few achievements), and if it doesn’t then game over. We did have a game of “3rd Achievement. Stop Him! I can’t! 4th …. Stop him! I can’t! 5th!

I’d play more, so I guess I recommend it. I haven’t been this conflicted since Amun-Re.

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August 15, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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  1. We’ve been playing it wrong. When I was taught at Jeff and Amy’s, it was never mentioned that to take an achieve action you must have a top card of at least the tech level you are claiming.


    August 23, 2010 at 7:41 am

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