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That Blood-bowl/Dominion Mashup

So I see the announcement that FFG is doing a Blood-Bowl league card game. Obviously I approve. The BGG thread says it has a dominion mechanic, but I think that’s reading a bit much into the announcement.

I’ve idly ponder how you’d do a game that conveys an entire sport season quickly … (Actually, I’ve done more than that. Somewhere I have a prototype for a soccer management game, inspired by Footmania, where you build a team play a season, and the winner plays in a promotion against the last place team of the premier league … first team to promote wins).

But I was idly pondering baseball, and had the basic unit as a “series” (where each series would resolve in a minute or two, then you’d draft/auction for a minute or two, and repeat. If I could really do Draft/Series in 3 minutes, then 30 series would be 90 minutes…)

Bloodbowl, in my mind, was an amusing mediocre game that made a great league (Enough chaos that weak players could beat strong ones, any given sunday, etc etc). I’ve been disappointed that it never released for the XBox (yes, yes, I know that it did, but we shan’t speak of that). Two of my coworkers play a PC-based league, but my PC is weak for gaming.

So anyway, right now this is the GenCon announcment that made me say “Yes, please.” I will live-blog my inevitable disappointment later on. Anything else from GenCon I should be aware of?

Update — Carefully reading the blurb, “Deck-building” could be “CCG/LCG” or “Dominion Style.” But I don’t know enough FFG “Kremlinology” to be able to read-into the press release which it is. I’d be disappointed (but not surprised) if it’s an LCG.

Written by taogaming

August 6, 2010 at 4:24 pm

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  1. “I’ve idly ponder how you’d do a game that conveys an entire sport season quickly…”

    I was picturing something like World Cup Game.


    August 6, 2010 at 4:55 pm

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