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Heading out to a sectional tournament in a few minutes … I’m playing a lot of bridge this month, and I feel like I’m playing pretty well, seeing a lot more deeply into the hands. Self-deception? Perhaps. I recently got a huge windfall of bridge books (library sale) and most of them are going to be resold/gifted, but I’ve been going through the problem books and doing pretty well. (Of course, I’m saving the Kelsey “Test your match play” books for when I need to feel humble).

As for other games …

I’m in a pattern of playing Meeple Unexotica twice a session. That’s a good sign, although I’m still intellectually bothered by the fact that the city end-game condition never matters. In our last game, I made a deliberate attempt to block the token grabbing (placing my first two cubes on the “remove 3” route, and then not claiming the route until I was ready to earn two points from the next token), and I blocked all token routes twice during the latter game, but we still ended by running out of tokens.

The game also addressed another issue, as one player placed into Gottingen … after everyone had upgraded actions once. I was tempted to cap him, but figured it wouldn’t score well, but having blocked tokens the game went long, so upgrading actions were valuable. Gottingen scored something like 12 VPs during the game.

My idea to say that a city is full if no player can enter a space in it (without using a chit) is interesting, in that it would mean the number of closed city could go up or down (depending on how people advanced their color privilege), but I think it would be impractical and forgotten. I may suggest it. The other option is to simply lower the end game condition to (say), 5-6. I’d have to study the board a bit. Even then I’m not sure it would hit often.

But for all my complaining, I’m hoping to play again this week.

Zombie Dice exist. It’s no can’t stop, but it takes a lot less space. Not something I’d buy, not horrible. Cyclades is available at the local FLGS … $60. At that price, it’s not an impulse purchase. Perhaps I’ll get it from the latest math trade…


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June 5, 2010 at 9:45 am

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  1. I’m sure you can get any game you want if you’re willing to part with Zopp…


    June 5, 2010 at 9:53 am

  2. Wow, you got all four of those at a library sale? Sadly, someone made off with (OK, sad for me, not him) my “The Needle Match” some number of years ago. I suppose I can just get a copy from Amazon for $7. They are all amazing.

    I have a few extra copies of some very good bridge books. Maybe we can swap or something.


    June 5, 2010 at 11:53 am

    • I didn’t get all four test your match plays, just two. But I already had 1 of them. For the price I paid, getting those two books was fine. The rest of the books were gravy. (Pay by the bag…)

      Well, mostly the books are “Interesting” or “Novel.” I got a fair chunk of British books, including a few by Forrestor, Brian Senior, Reese, Sowter, and the “Step-by-step” series (by Brock, et al). I did get a spare copy of “Bridge in the Menagerie,” “Commonsense Bidding” (a pretty decent beginner’s reference), Karpin’s book on counting (which was one of the first books I read, and very good for novices). Probably the best book I got was “Killing Defense at Bridge” (which I already have, so I sold to another flight C).


      June 5, 2010 at 10:20 pm

  3. Looking through my closet, I have duplicates of the following books:
    – True Bridge Humor (Lawrence)
    – Play Bridge with Reese (Reese)
    – Bridge Humor (Kantar)
    – Bridge in the Menagerie (Mollo)
    – Killing Defense (Kelsey)
    – More KD (Kelsey)
    – Jacoby on Bridge (Ozzie)
    – How to Win at Contract Bridge (Frey)
    Other than the last two, which are really just of historical interest, they are all good books. Interested in a swap?


    June 12, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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